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Originally Posted by Iceman View Post

For those of us who eschew TDS how about a G Rated summary?
Um, Patrick from Oxycheq, who sells that light, made by Solus, and the guys from Salvo got in a shouting match that lasted multiple pages with many users throwing intheir own opinions. Patrick argued that HID technology is soon to be outmoded, and that the Solus is superior becuase it is as bright as HID's but unbreakable. The other people (including Salvo) argued that their lights were brighter, and that the increased durability of the Solus was not important, becuase most users were not hammering their lights on tables or tossing them intot he air as hard as they possibly can, as Patrick showed the Solus could handle.

It's a good read. I read it a while back, so I don't rmember all of it.

The Solus line of lights looks extremely impressive and I very badly wish I could afford one...
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