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Why wouldn't you have wrist mounted gauges?!

I'm not a "DIR" diver but I do run a wrist mounted computer via bungee/deepsea supply suunto mount. I just like a clean gear set up and have stolen a few "DIR" ideas but I only dive warm water tropics stuff so some of their stuff is overkill for me.

I used a console brick thingy for my OW dives and I hated it.. it was cumbersome.. I couldn't really see a good simple way to secure the thing without it moving around a lot. I knew I wanted a wrist mounted computer but the straps it comes with just make no sense to me as you will have to tighten them at depth and then I saw the bungee mount..

You will always have your depth/dive time information right in front of you.. even if you're snapping a picture or fiddling with something.. makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't you have wrist mounted gauges? I have a pressure gauge clipped off right below my waist and it's easy to just glance down and see where I'm at air wise.. can't really do that with a computer.. hard to make out all the little digital numbers and whatnot (for me at least).
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